Alabama Crimson Gravel at Big Earth Supply

You don’t have to be an Alabama fan to appreciate Alabama Crimson gravel from Big Earth supply.

Our crimson gravel is imported from Alabama and so it has the true burgundy maroon red colors and deep brown tones that will complement any Florida landscape.

Alabama Crimson from Big Earth Landscape Supply can complement any kind of red or brown home with its hues to bring out the color of the architecture and paint in the home.

It can be used as a substitute for mulch or even a walkway path.

So beautiful Red Burgundy, maroon and brown hues can bring out a beautiful color from brickwork or even stonework around your home.

Alabama Crimson has a lot of different color tones that complement the gravel, red lava rock, on the other hand is predominantly red and brown depending on what kind of texture you desire for your landscape gravel.

Our Alabama Crimson has more of a flaky appearance and can add more depth to your landscape whereas the red lava rock is more porous and round.

The difference between the two, is not only the porous but also the density and the size. The Alabama Crimson ranges in size from one to three inches while the red lava rock is approximately one and a half inches in size.