6 Awesome Ideas for Painting with Santorini Rocks

Pardon the pun, but if you have to be living under a rock to have missed the latest painting craze which has swept the nation!

The rock-painting fad was kicked off several years ago when a Cape Cod resident named Megan began painting rocks with cheerful messages and leaving them around town.

Her “Kindness Rocks Project” has become a cultural phenomenon, but has also encouraged aspiring artists everywhere to try their hand at painting rocks for a wide variety of purposes.

People have found that the hobby is fun, creative, and that the rocks are perfect for home décor, educational tools, and unique gifts.

Why Use Santorini Rocks

Santorini Premium White Marble is one of the most exquisite natural stones in the world. In fact, the sparkling stone’s pure color has resulted in it being highly esteemed and sought after for thousands of years.

Once used to adorn the Parthenon in Athens, the stone is still a prized medium in the construction industry.

Pieces of stone cut off or discarded become Santorini Pebbles and Antique Tiles. The pieces are tumbled smooth to create a gorgeous rock perfect for decorative landscaping.

The stones have also become a favorite of rock painters because of their perfectly smooth, flat surface and inherent sparkle.

Given the beauty of these special stones and the popularity of rock painting, we thought we would share some of our favorite ideas on how to incorporate ornamental painted rocks into your home, décor, and projects.

* Celebrate Milestones: Create painted rocks which commemorate special occasions in your family – from birthdays to a great report card! Arrange in a garden or keep a “basket of milestones” that becomes a celebration of family tradition and history.


* Memo Rocks: Cover flat stones with chalkboard paint, and use to leave creative and fun messages on your husband’s desk or your child’s pillow. Remind them of an appointment, let them know what time you’ll be home, or tell them you love them – the possibilities are endless.

* Garden Markers: Your garden will be organized and beautiful with stone markers identifying each plant. Find an appropriately shaped stone, paint a picture of an eggplant or carrot, and lay at the end of the planted row. Smaller rocks work great with herb gardens as well.

* Sticky Rocks: Your painted rocks can become creative refrigerator magnets simply by gluing a magnet on the back. Make a themed set which matches your décor or can be given as a gift. Create a tropical flower garden, a collection of inspirational words, or even monogrammed rock magnets.

* Holiday Decorating: Whether a basket of brightly colored “Easter eggs” or a family of festive snowmen, you can create holiday décor with painted Santorini rocks that is long lasting and will get everyone talking!

* Welcome to our Home: Decorate an area by your front door with rocks painted by each member of your family, in a way that expresses their personality. Invite other loved ones and family members to add their rock to the collection, resulting in a welcoming display which honors those who visit you.

Whether you choose to use Santorini rocks and tiles in their beautiful natural state, or to try your hand at painting them – Big Earth Landscape Supply has a wide variety perfect for your décor and projects.

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