4 Common Errors – Irrigation Systems

When you live in the Sarasota or Tampa area, proper irrigation is absolutely essential for a healthy and green lawn. Most area homes built in the last several decades have automatic sprinkler systems installed, but is that enough? Irrigation systems often give a homeowner a false sense of security that they don’t ever have to think about watering their lawn.

But there are several reasons why you may have to revisit how you irrigate your lawn, both from an efficiency standpoint, and for the health of your grass.

lawn irrigation systems

4 Mistakes You May Be Making

Whether you just purchased your home, or you have lived there for years – you may just assume that your irrigation system is working as intended, and your grass doesn’t need attention. That is, until a section becomes covered in fungus; or dry, brown patches appear during drought. Irrigation systems have been a time saver for homeowners in many ways, but most are not completely self-sufficient – they require maintenance and attention.

Here are 4 of the most common errors Florida residents make in regard to their home’s irrigation system.

  1. Heads Pointing the Wong Direction: Your sprinkler heads were likely installed in such a way so as to cover your entire lawn evenly, but over time these heads can get twisted from constant motion, or knocked out or place by foot traffic. Be sure that your sprinkler heads are correctly positioned,. or you may find yourself with a well-watered driveway and a dried up landscape.
  2. Deferred Maintenance Causing Issues: Irrigation systems are definitely one of those home maintenance items which are out-of-sight, out-of-mind – until your lawn begins to suffer. Sprinkler heads can be broken when lawn mowers run over them – and those which line the driveway may even be run over by your car. A broken sprinkler head is tough to spot unless you are looking for it. Also, sprinkler heads can become clogged with dirt and debris, or constricted from proper movement by overgrown grass and weeds. Heads are easy enough to replace, once you identify the problem.
  3. Overwatering During Rainy Seasons: We all love the convenience of being able to schedule our irrigation systems for regular watering. However, we have all seen those sprinklers in full operation during a rainstorm. Also, although we can make general weather predictions (less watering needed during the rainy summers, more needed during the dry winters), Mother Nature is not always cooperative. For instance, Florida experienced a strangely wet December in 2019, a time of year we are generally entering drought. Overwatering can be costly, environmentally detrimental, and can drown your grass. If you don’t want to manually override your system whenever the weather changes, you may want to look into smart irrigation systems. This newest innovation senses the conditions of your grass, and waters only when necessary.
  4. Not Checking Your System Regularly: Most issues above can be mitigated by simply testing your system on a regular basis. Manually turn on your zones one by one, and inspect each sprinkler head to ensure it is working correctly, that you have proper coverage for your lawn.

If you have a functioning sprinkler system but your grass still appears dry, dead or brown (or even “oily” and slippery) – you may have a problem other than irrigation. Consider that you may be dealing with insect infestation, disease, or fungus. These problems can be dealt with as well, you just need to know how. Learn more about each of these conditions by clicking the links above, and then head to Big Earth Landscape Supply. We have the products and the expertise to help you conquer any landscaping issue.