Using Natural Stone in your Landscape

Are you seeking a beautiful, natural, and versatile material to use in your landscape and garden? Look no further than natural stone. It can be used for functional structures as well as decoration; as furniture or sculpture. Natural stone serves as an ideal material in landscapes and backyards for many reasons; the wide spectrum of colors, textures, shapes, and layouts allow you to create a unique landscape that best suits your needs and tastes.

stone for landscape or garden

Characteristics: Though the surface of rock may feel cool, stones can bring warmth and softness to your yard. Hues of red, orange, or sandy yellow invoke the feeling of a warm desert sun. Rounded corners and circular stones soften what is normally a rough landscape element. If you prefer cooler colors, stones can be found in almost any shade of grey, blue, black, white, or even jade-green. Whether you are seeking to match the color of your house, your flowers, or other yard elements, you can find a color of rock that matches seamlessly.

If your personal design style is more informal, irregularly shaped stones will give your yard some structure while maintaining a loose and relaxed effect. Rocks with sharp edges will satisfy those who love the look of stately, clean-cut lines and borders.

The patterned textures found in sandstones and sedimentary rocks add design elements you don’t often find in gardens. Flowing, wavy layers visible in the rocks act as a beautiful mimic of waves rippling in a backyard water feature. They can also make for a fun science experiment—look at their surfaces with handheld microscopes, because many small fossils can be found in these types of rocks!

Performance : Stone out-performs many other landscaping media in its low-maintenance durability and versatility. Most types easily resist damage from both heat and cold, which comes in handy during our hot summers. They also withstand large amounts of pressure and foot traffic, so long as the pieces aren’t cut too thin.

Stone structures can last for many years, making them an excellent investment for your yard. Lay flagstone to create meandering paths to guide visitors through your yard, or to establish a safe place to stand in an area of your yard that’s prone to mud. Use them to build eye-catching retaining walls for raised beds or low walls around a treasured garden. A stone patio is easy to lay and is perfect for grilling, relaxing, and entertaining. We recently discussed how to build your own backyard fire pit using stone pavers to increase the appeal and entertainment value of your yard.

Don’t limit yourself to stones of one size, either–expand with small boulders or even a large, stately stone monolith. Waterscaping can be improved with small- to medium-sized boulders lining a small koi pond, or install a small natural-looking waterfall fountain. Benches and tables made of stone are less likely to crack or warp than wood or plastic, and look much more whimsical. If you are concerned about flooding or erosion in your yard, gravel serves as a great material for paths that still allows water to flow through it, as opposed to concrete or other solid-stone paths.

Big Earth Landscape Supply has a large inventory of natural stone at our four area locations. Stop by today to get inspired!