Start a Garden with Mom

gardening with family

It is no secret that moms crave quiet time, but they also love quality time. Make this Mother’s Day special by giving mom a gift that you can enjoy together. Starting a family garden or reinventing a garden that needs TLC is a great way to create memories with mom, while also producing colorful flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Not only will mom enjoy the time spent together, the whole family will be healthier from participating in gardening. Whether you create and maintain a plot of land, a few pots on a balcony or Earth Boxes on the patio, the results of gardening are incredibly beneficial to your overall mental and physical health.

  • Gardening does pass as physical activity. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, plus studies show that once you start gardening, you continue for longer periods of time than if you were participating in a vigorous exercise like tennis or jogging.
  • Along with physical activity, comes happiness. Gardening is proven to lower stress and increase your mood. Breathing in fresh air, taking in sunlight and getting your hands dirty in the soil, release beneficial serotonin in the brain.
  • Getting outside with the family will help lessen screen time and introduce children to their natural surroundings.
  • After spending time outside and in your garden, you will rest easier and have a better night’s sleep and there is no better gift to a mom than to get some extra shut eye.
  • It is suggested that children are more inclined to eat what they grow. If children participate in the act of growing their own vegetables, they might be more inclined to eat them (keyword: might – no promises!)
  • Introducing children to working in the yard will give them a better appreciation for creating and maintaining their environment. Plus, gardening is a fantastic developmental tool for children to learn different tasks. You can assign children to pick up twigs, pull weeds and even put green waste in the trash can or compost bin. You know they are chores, but the child is just happy to foster the growth in the family garden

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