Safe Houseplants for Pet Owners

Houseplants not only increase the aesthetic appeal of a room, but also have been found to improve one’s mood and mental health. Before running to your local garden center or nursery, however, if you are a pet owner you should do your research. Many common houseplants are toxic to pets when they are eaten. There are plenty of pet-safe species though, so you can enjoy the benefits of houseplants without worrying about the safety of your furry family members. These 8 plants are great non-toxic species with which to decorate your home.

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Non-Toxic Houseplants

  • Bamboo (Parlor) Palm: Like many palms, this lovely species is slow-growing yet lives for many years. Get confirmation that the palm you are buying is indeed a Parlor palm; while they are pet-safe, many other common palm species like the sago can be extremely toxic.
  • Moth Orchid: Orchids bring serenity and delicate beauty to a room. They are popularly placed in restrooms since they love humidity and are accustomed to low-light. As with the Bamboo palm, check that your orchid is a moth orchid to ensure the plant is non-toxic.
  • Boston Fern: Overflowing and lush, this houseplant can brighten any room with little attention required to keep them happy. Place or hang your Boston fern in full shade where it received a fair amount of indirect light. They enjoy cool, humid spaces with weekly misting and watering.
  • Cast Iron Plant: Even if you tend to have a “black thumb” when it comes to houseplants, the Cast Iron plant will make you look like a pro. Named for their hardiness, this plant can thrive even if you forget about it for a couple weeks. They love dry soil and warm places, and prefer full shade. Tuck these plants into any corner of your home for a beautiful touch of greenery.
    Spider Plant: Another excellent plant for beginner houseplant growers. Spider plants can survive some neglect when grown in cooler temperatures with indirect light. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering. You can also share your plant with friends and family by removing the offshoots, also called spiderettes and repotting them.
  • Christmas Cactus: Like the Cast Iron plant, these attractive succulents can grow well even when forgotten. Place your Christmas cactus in bright, indirect light, and you will enjoy its evergreen leaves for years to come. In winter, its pink flowers burst into bloom, making it a lovely and non-toxic replacement for classic holiday poinsettias.
  • Money Tree: According to its many legends, this small tree will bring you good luck in many aspects of your life, especially in regards to your wallet. Money trees are hardy and resilient. Provide indirect light with humid conditions, mimicking its natural habitat of tropical swamps, and your money tree will grow large quickly.
  • Aluminum Plant: This species of Pilea plants has gorgeous leaves with stripes in green, silver and white. Because of its colors, Aluminum plants are often also called “watermelon” pilea. They are simple to maintain and can live for up to 4 years. Remember to check each year if they need to be repotted–they have been known to crack containers in search of more root room!Big Earth Landscape Supply has everything you need to fill your home with gorgeous potted plants. Come visit our showrooms for bold, artistic and classic pots and containers, as well as rocks, soil and glass to pot them in style. We are located in Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton and Palmetto,