Indoor Plants for Low Light Rooms

Houseplants can brighten any room–especially those that don’t receive much light. There are many species of houseplant that can survive in low-light conditions and thrive on little care. Bathrooms, low-light bedrooms and dining rooms are perfect conditions for these plants. Whether you are just beginning your foray into the houseplant world or if you’ve been keeping plants for years, any of these indoor plants will be an excellent addition to your collection.

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Indoor Plants Non-Toxic for Pets

Cast Iron Plant: the name says it all–these plants are tough as iron! They are extremely difficult to kill and can withstand dry soil and heat well. In fact, overwatering is the most common killer of these plants, as moist soil and the dark conditions they thrive in provide an excellent breeding ground for fungus. Allow the soil to dry out completely before providing a single, thorough watering.

Moth Orchid: Orchids love humidity and thus are well-suited for a bathroom with a window. Water every week and a half. When fertilizing, make sure you have an orchid-specific formula.

Prayer Plant: These gorgeous-leaved plants are simple to care for, but have semi-specific preferences–water with warm water, never cold. Prayer plants enjoy humidity, so mist the leaves at every watering and keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Feed during the growing season every two weeks, and your prayer plant will thrive.

Spider Plant: Easy to keep indoors, as they are hardy and prefer cooler temperatures. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Spider plants are names for the small offshoots, called spiderettes, that grow from the mother plant. It is easy to propagate spider plants by removing the spiderettes when they have begun to grow their own roots, and repotting the baby.

Remember that even hardy plants need some form of indirect light though; a low-light plant in a windowless room will not survive. One small window will do well.

More Hardy Indoor Plants

Aglaonema: Also known as Chinese Evergreen, this lush plant makes a perfect addition to a bathroom due to its love of warm temperatures and high humidity. Darker green varieties grow in areas with high shade, while lighter, variegated varieties need a bit brighter indirect light.

English Ivy: This easy-going ivy will grow in most light conditions, and once established can withstand long periods of dry soil and rarely needs fertilization.

NT Boston Fern: These plants are common additions to households. They require indirect light, cool temperatures, and high humidity. Misting them once a week and checking frequently to make sure their soil is moist will ensure a happy fern. Mist even more frequently in winter when the heat is often running.

Monstera: Also called Swiss Cheese Plant for the natural holes that grow in the leaves, Monstera will grow well in a room with medium indirect light. Fertilize biweekly during warm months and water weekly, as long as the top 1-2 inches of soil have dried out.

Pothos: Nearly as hardy as cast iron plants, pothos can be grown in a variety of conditions. So long as it is kept out of direct sunlight and is watered every 10-15 days or so, it will live for many years.

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