Creative Garden Trellis Designs

It is time for beans, peas, tomatoes, and other climbing, vining plants to begin growing! If you are looking to try something new in your garden this year, consider switching things up with these fun, beautiful DIY trellis ideas. They can bring more color and charm to your backyard than your ordinary tomato cages or store-bought lattice pieces, and make use of vertical space so that you have even more room to expand your garden.

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Try a Tepee Shape

Trellises that come together in a tepee shape are sturdy, and can be designed to fit any space. String twine horizontally between the vertical posts to give your plants extra room to climb. If you create a big enough tepee, you can even turn it into a neat little space for the kids in your life to enjoy. Together you can watch it go from bare posts and string to a lush, green-walled fort! Cucumbers, peas, and beans will grow best on this kind of trellis.

Enchanting Archway

What is more quaint and magical than an archway to welcome you to your garden? These adorable garden accents can double as a trellis for your vining veggies. You can build your own out of sapling branches (from supple species, like willow) and wires. For stronger or longer-lived supports, consider going with a PVC or metal frame. Squash, loofas, and other heavier climbing plants will thrive on these sturdy supports.

Bamboo is a Great Natural Choice

For a strong and stable trellis that is still natural, consider bamboo! It grows extremely quickly and is invasive throughout North America, so putting it to use as a trellis is a great idea. Bamboo is also quite lightweight for its size, so it is easy to work with and assemble into a trellis of any size to fit your garden. There are many configurations for different bamboo trellis designs that are effective but also simple to do yourself or with a helper or two.

Easy to Store, Easy to Set Up

A-frame trellises made of wood and connected with a couple hinges at the top are a great option for those of us who want to store away our trellises when they aren’t being used. A frames can be build to fit any dimensions in your garden, and easily fold in half like a ladder to be tucked away out of sight. Assembly during the growing season does not require stringing twine, screwing posts together, or twisting wire; all you need to do is open the frame up and set it in place.

Beautiful Borders

If you feel that your fence is bland and needs some decoration, a few trellises may be just what you need! Leaning a lattice trellis against the fence already turns a boring border into something more exciting; once plants start growing and your artificial wall comes to life with green growth, you will find your fence line is transformed. Reuse wooden pallets as trellises for an inexpensive upgrade to your home garden.

A trellis is an important tool for any vegetable garden, and can function both as a necessity and as a beautiful accessory. Let your imagination flow and try out a few new trellis options this year.

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