3 Great Landscaping New Year Resolutions

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This is the time of year that we contemplate the way we are living our life – and consider ways we can improve, create good habits, and make things a little better as we move forward. Sadly, resolutions are notoriously broken all too often – generally because we are creatures of habit, and we get too grandiose in our New Year’s ideas.

By choosing to make small daily changes, however, we can easily stick to the plan, and often reap large rewards. For 2023,  here are a few small landscaping resolutions we recommend that we know you can keep – and that will make a difference in your life.

3 Landscaping Resolutions

While it may seem odd to make resolutions about your lawn and garden, it actually makes perfect sense. Studies have proven what we all know intuitively – gardening and working in the yard is good for your health. Improving health and well-being is one of the top resolutions made by people across the board. In that spirit, here are a few easy resolutions to get you started.

Grow Flowers and Plants from Seeds: Here in the Tampa area, we are blessed with gorgeous weather, no matter the season. Our cooler winter and spring months are the perfect time to begin a container garden on your lanai or back patio. Begin growing plants which you can transfer to your garden in the spring, or grow herbs and flowers for your own home or outdoor décor.  You will get a real satisfaction watching your own plants growing from seeds, and eventually filling in your landscaping and flower beds. As the years go by, you can continue with seeds, or grow from cuttings from your own garden.

Start Composting: Compost is made up of organic materials which we discard every day – but is a highly nutritious and rich fertilizer for our plants and flowers. There are many places to learn about composting at home, but getting started is easy. Simply layer soil and organic elements (such as your banana peels and egg shells) in a ventilated bin or container. Food waste is called “greens”, but you also need to add “browns” – hay, newspaper, wood chips, or leaves – in order to keep the compost healthy and not smelling badly. Turn over frequently, and within a year you will have the most nutrient rich soil to use in your garden. 

Find Money Lost in Your Lawn: Saving money is always a great New Year’s resolution, and there are several ways to reduce costs on your lawn care. The most obvious is to mow your own lawn if you don’t already. It is very common in this are to have a lawn service, but as noted, being outside doing lawn care is a great stress reliever. So you can save money, and do good for your health. Also, doing frequent walk-arounds of your property can help you to notice any fungus, disease, or pest infestation before it becomes a major problem, saving you even more money in the long run.

In general, digging in the dirt or being barefoot in the grass is good for you heart and soul. So this year, resolve to grow more flowers, cultivate herbs, trim those trees and get creative. No matter what your vision for 2023, Big Earth Landscape Supply has everything you need to get started – from yard and garden supplies to professional advice. Start the year off right, by resolving to make your lawn and life more beautiful this year.