Delivery & Product Disclaimers

Landscape supply delivery near me

You know your property
Big Earth is not responsible for any damage caused by deliveries beyond curbside. If you invite us on your property, it is your responsibility to identify (flag, stake, etc.) any irrigation equipment, utilities, drainfield areas. You know your property best, so we can not be held liable for any damage created during a delivery.

You left ruts in my grass 
Yes, we probably did. Our forklift alone weighs 6,295lbs (that is heavier than a standard SUV!), not including the additional weight of any material. If you want us to unload on or in the grass, you can guarantee there will be tire tracks or ruts.

Big Earth offers sod for a convenience and a service to those that understand the nature of grass; a living and breathing organism. We are taking grass, cutting the roots off, putting it on a pallet and shipping to you. Sod in this state is incredibly vulnerable and if you are not prepared to take care of your new lawn like you would a new puppy, then please do not order sod from us. Maintaining a new lawn for best results requires education, knowledge and patience. Here is a rebuttal to some of the thoughts you may have regarding sod from Big Earth:

You shipped sod with fungus
We may have. In Florida, the high humidity and tropical weather, guarantee millions of spores in the air at all times. The sod is treated frequently with fungicide, but that is not a guarantee that fungus will not be present. Your sod travels over 100 miles to you in 80+ percent humidity and 90+ degree temperatures. Once your sod is installed and no longer cooking on the pallet, you must water your lawn more than usual. The combination of high temperatures and excess water can cause more fungus to develop. In Florida, fungus control on your lawn is a full time investment and never a job to be taken lightly. Fungus can take over your lawn in less than 24 hours, causing brown patches or the appearance of dead grass. Your new lawn is a great incubator for fungus problems. In fact, you can bet on a 100% guarantee of having fungus in the air where you live; the spores will settle on your new lawn and devour it if not managed.

You sold us grass with webworms
It is possible. Webworms and insects in general like to attack plants that are stressed. If you have one moth in your neighborhood, it is possible that you will have an infestation within weeks, because your grass is stressed and weak. You will continuously fight insects in your Florida lawn. A young lawn is more prone to infestation than an established lawn.

You shipped me bad grass and now it is dead.
If your turf (other than bahia) is dead when you receive the sod, do not install it; it will not grow back and you do not want it. Please take pictures and call us immediately. If the grass is green and healthy when you received it, then we shipped you good grass. How it is maintained and the environment in which it is installed, is not a liability we can absorb. In regards to bahia, it is hard to believe that the brown, falling apart grass you get will green up and come back fast once installed, but it will—trust us. As soon as you receive your sod, get it off the pallet and installed; do not wait.

My grass was delivered dead
Please take pictures and call us immediately. You do not want dead grass; although bahia is the exception, as it will go dormant. However, any other turf should not arrive dead. If you accept the sod and install it, we will not entertain any complaints. New grass that is neglected, sitting on pallets or unwatered can and will die very fast. Your new turf does not have roots to water and feed the blades.

The grass is falling apart
If your turf is bahia, that is fine and normal. Bahia is harvested in cow pastures and grown in an uncontrolled environment, which results in grass looking dead or falling apart. We do not stand behind our bahia; it is only provided as a service to those that need bahia and understand the nature of the turf. If you received any other grass like St. Augustine, Zoysia or Bermuda and it is falling apart to an excessive degree, please stop putting it down and call us immediately. If you choose to install the sod in clumps, we will not entertain any complaints.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many more reasons why your sod may die or you may fail at installing a new lawn. There are no guarantees that your new sod will survive the process of harvest from the field, installation and growth in the days or weeks to come. Big Earth and its suppliers have zero control of the environment, in which sod is installed and the level of maintenance expertise. Even professionals of the highest degree struggle with maintaining a “perfect lawn.” For these reasons and more, Big Earth does not guarantee or warranty any sod purchase, including pieces, pallets or plugs.