How To Use Concentrates

How To Use Concentrates

Concentrates are convenient, effective, and easy to use. Concentrates are generally more expensive than ready-to-use products per gallon.

This is because a concentrate has more chemicals in it, and ready-to-use cleaners are already diluted to the optimal use concentration.


Concentrates have less water than ready-to-use products. Concentrates require dilution to work properly. The chemicals in the concentrate will carry out the intended action (example: insect control) and the water (or other dilution liquid) will act as a solvent.

Simple Steps:

  1. Find the Mix Rate
  2. Measure
  3. Add Water (or other dilution liquid) to your Sprayer
  4. Add Concentrate to Sprayer
  5. Mix
  6. Spray


*Always read product labels and SDS before use.