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4 Pesky Florida Weeds – and How to Defeat Them

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Here is South Florida, we enjoy a year-round growing season. Although there may be a few weeks during which cold weather shows up, for the most part we can grow plants and trees all year long, maintaining a thriving property full of color and beauty. Unfortunately, the plants we love are not the only things which can survive throughout any season. Weeds can grow just as easily, and in the Sarasota and Tampa area there are plenty of native and invasive weeds to contend with. Here are five of the peskiest weeds that Floridian homeowners will face.

Spring Weed Control Tips

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But our grass and spring flowers are not the only things which grow so easily at this time of the year. Weeds and invasive grasses are also likely to pop up during the coming months, stealing water, soil, nutrients and space from your lawn. This spring, you can take measures to stop weeds in their tracks, and return your Tampa area lawn to its intended health.