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DIY Potting Soil Mix

Potting soil mix provides an ideal growing medium for container gardening of all kinds; however [...]

Big Earth Potting Soil

Potting soil from Big Earth Supply is perfect for all types of applications, and can [...]

Preparing Your Florida Lawn & Garden for Fall

The very same warm weather and bright sunshine that makes living in paradise so amazing [...]

Spring Lawn and Garden Tips

Temperatures are heating up in South Florida, so it is the perfect time to get [...]

2023: The Year of Your Lawn and Landscape

I used to look down upon New Year’s Resolutions. 365 days of commitment? No, not [...]

Winter Lawn & Garden Tips

December and January tend to be quiet months for the lawn and landscape, but February [...]

Summer Lawn and Garden Tips

Although the high temperatures and humidity of summer, take a toll on most Florida gardeners, [...]

Landscaping: Florida’s Coontie Palm

You may be surprised to learn that the Coontie palm is Florida’s only native cycad, [...]

April Landscaping To-Do List

Spring is here! Our landscapes have bounced back to life, so here is a to-do [...]

Florida Spring Cleaning for the Landscape

For Floridians who live so much of our lives outdoors, spring cleaning isn't limited to [...]