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Must-Have Tools for Beautiful Landscaping

There are a number of tools that will make your life a lot easier and [...]

Creating a Gravel Driveway

Gravel is also more eco-friendly than asphalt--water is able to penetrate and drain directly into [...]

6 Essential Landscaping Tools for DIY Lawn Care

If you are a novice to landscaping or are simply looking to do the job [...]

The Right Tool for the Job

To some, a shovel is a shovel, but selecting the right shovel can make the [...]

St. Augustine Seed: No Such Thing

The green, dense turf produced by St. Augustine sod is well adapted to life in South Florida. [...]

4 Spring Florida Pests to Look Out For

There is no denying all of the advantages of living in this area – from [...]

Building Your Own Fire Pit in Your Backyard

Recently, fire pits are enjoying popularity, as many Tampa and Sarasota area residents are discovering [...]

What Can I do to Alleviate Red Tide?

Whether you see it, smell it or hear about it, red tide is impacting all [...]

Earthworms and Vermicompost for Soil Health

A guest post on soil health for the Florida home and farm from our friend Robert [...]

How To Properly Install Mulch In Your Lawn & Garden

Throwing a layer of mulch down around your plants may seem like a relatively simple [...]