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What is the Fertilizer Blackout and How to Prepare

What is the Fertilizer Blackout Period? Fertilizer restrictions begin June 1st and run through September 30th. [...]

What is Causing My Patchy Lawn?

There are many things that cause an undesirably patchy lawn. Sometimes you may easily pinpoint [...]

What is Tree Scale?

Though it looks like fungus, bumps found on the trunk or leaves of your tree [...]

Local Sites That Offer Landscaping Inspiration

A sub-tropical climate allows Floridians to grow unique exotic plants. If you are new to [...]

What to Do with Your Empty Pallets

Sod, bricks, mulch - when you purchase landscaping products, they often arrive on large wooden [...]

What is a Soil Test – and Why is it So Important?

For all of your efforts to keep the lawn and garden looking beautiful, you may [...]

Trimming vs. Edging: What’s The Difference?

In order to keep your property looking as pretty and well-manicured as possible, edging your [...]

What is So Special About Scott’s ProVista™ Saint Augustine?

During the rainy summer months, we fight off rot and fungus. Once the dry summer months [...]

What Is Big Earth Compost?

What is Big Earth Compost? How do we create it, and why does it matter? [...]

4 Gardening Hacks That Will Help Keep Pests Away and Make Your Plants Grow Better

For people who love gardening, our sub-tropical climate affords the opportunity to grow a wide [...]