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Making Your Own Vermicompost

Under the ground, earthworms are hard at work decomposing organic material and producing castings full [...]

Composting Options for Your Garden

Compost maximizes your garden’s ability to nurture healthy plants while minimizing the amount of trash [...]

What Is Big Earth Compost?

What is Big Earth Compost? How do we create it, and why does it matter? [...]

Using Leaves for Mulch or Compost – Even in Tampa Bay!

Tis the season for bags of beautiful fall leaves to be gathered up into plastic [...]

Earthworms and Vermicompost for Soil Health

A guest post on soil health for the Florida home and farm from our friend Robert [...]

Using Compost to Rejuvenate Your Soil

As your plants grow, they use the nutrients in the soil to grow. This depletes [...]

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3 Great Landscaping New Year Resolutions

For 2019,  here are a few small landscaping resolutions we recommend that we know you [...]

How to Prepare Your Florida Lawn For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is just around the corner; beginning  June 1st; and while years can pass between [...]

What is the Fertilizer Blackout and How to Prepare

What is the Fertilizer Blackout Period? Fertilizer restrictions begin June 1st and run through September 30th. [...]

The Gardening Workout: Get Fit While You Grow

The CDC recommends 2.5 hours of physical activity each week, which includes gardening! And if [...]